• Can anyone take this course?

    Yes! The DRJ Academy BC Primer Course is focused on the business continuity program and is based on the Rapid Continuity Level One: The Quick-Start Program. If you are interested in learning a healthy layout of the basic ins-and-outs of business continuity, this course will assist you in building a strong foundation.

  • What are the benefits of taking an online course?

    - Access to the material for 6 full months - Extra learning materials that you can keep - Ability to pause to replay the presented information - Flexibility if your own schedule - Flexibility of your own home or surroundings - Consolidated concentrated learning content that is as to-the-point as it is important.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    You will have access to the DRJ Academy Primer Course and its learning tools and content for 6 months. However, the success kit and all its contents are yours to keep! There will be many tools, as well as visual learning aids for you to reference as you continue your program development in years to come.

  • When taking the course, can I access the learning materials for download?

    Yes! - In your learning module, in the upper right hand corner, you will find a tab titled 'Resources", there you will find any available download to assist you in that session.

  • What items are included in the success kit?

    A personalized BC Primer Success Kit which contains the course workbook binder, tools and documents from the course, printed visual learning support materials to reference, and a few giveaways!

  • Is the instructor available for my questions throughout the program?

    Yes! You can reach Phil Lambert at drja-instructor@drj.com

  • Who do I contact with questions regarding course content?

    You can reach Phil Lambert at drj-academy@drj.com

  • Who do I contact with questions regarding my account?

    You can reach our Digital Learning Manager, Emily Rice, at DRJA-support@drj.com or Emily@drj.com

  • Where can I submit feedback for this course?

    You can submit feedback for this course via email to drj-academy@drj.com.